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Just Released: Rock N' Roll Parking Lot

RRPL is the epic, near-17 minute official music video for the 2017 remix of MIKAL's 'Jane, Jane'. The short film and music video also acts as a tribute to and parody of the classic documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Check out Rock N' Roll Parking Lot on Youtube.


About MIKAL Films

MIKAL Films is a Michigan based film and television production company, led by musician MIKAL. MIKAL Films was formed in 2013. MIKAL Films is currently producing feature length films such as "EXTRAS: The Movie" and "CARNIVAL: The Movie", as well as short films and music videos.

Looking for MIKAL's music website? MIKAL.us.

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CARNIVAL: The Movie is a documentary style film focusing not only on the beauty of carnivals, the rides, the lights, etc., but also on all of the hard work that goes into setting up and tearing down these small cities every week. The attendees show up to a fully assembled carnival that seems to have popped up overnight at the flick of a switch, never having any clue of the incredible amount of work and passion that goes into making it happen. We would like to change that. Come on a journey as we follow a family owned carnival company throughout the year. More Info at CARNIVALTheMovie.com.

EXTRAS: The Movie

EXTRAS: The Movie is a feature length documentary style film on the Michigan film industry, focusing on those who work as extras or background actors, as well as the film industry in Michigan as a whole. If you work in the Michigan film industry as an extra, a casting director, a producer, director, or even in the political or business side of the industry, we'd love to talk to you and have you appear in the film. More Info at EXTRASTheMovie.com.

Now Showing

Now Showing

Here's an outtake from CARNIVAL: The Movie: In this clip, Dick has a wardrobe malfunction while Michael, Billy, and others try to help. (Caution: Adult Language)

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MIKAL Films occassionally has casting requirements for our projects.

Current requirements can be viewed on the MIKAL Films Casting page.

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